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CHSP (Commonwealth Home support program)

CHSP Information
Office hours 8am - 4pm
Address Quairading Health Service, Harris Street Quairading
Contact Hospital on 9645 2222

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) provides support services to older people, people with a disability and their carers to assist them to continue living independently at home. (This is for those unable to access Commonwealth Home Support packages from private service providers.) CHSP includes:

  • Support to participate in social activity in a group or one-on-one
  • Assistance with everyday household tasks
  • Assistance to enhance nutrition, function, strength, independence and safety
  • Assistance to support your independence in your personal care activities such as showering and dressing
  • Assistance to keep up with essential activiites such as shopping, banking and maintaining social contacts

Quairading CHSP Centre Based Daycare

In-house and external outings are available to all CHSP residents in the Quairading community on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. For bookings and itinerary contact the Quairading Hospital on 9645 2222