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Phil Dicker - 0418 933 126

Marion O'Hare - 9635 3233

Doodenanning Sporting Club & Hall - Grey Street - Doodenanning

The Hall is maintained by members of the Doodenanning Sporting Club and provides a community hub for residents of the north western Quairading Shire.

It is a meeting place for the Bush Fire Brigade, South Mortlock Catchment Group, family reunions, private parties, funeral services and wakes, caravanning clubs and the Doodenanning Sporting Club

Golf is played each Saturday afternoon during the winter with tennis available during the summer.

The Club uses its own funds along with grants to maintain and renovate the Hall - major works were carried out on a leach drain in 2017 and the kitchen was replaced in 2018. A concrete platform is proposed for the southern entrance to the Hall to improve safe entry and egress, providing enhancement to the exterior along with a safe outdoor dining area and tennis observation deck.

The Hall celebrated its centenary in September 2018 with a host of 150 plus people attending from all over the state.

New members are welcomed.


Check out the Google See Inside of the Doodenanning Hall here:


For information regarding the Doodenanning Cemetery please contact Shire of Quairading.