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*Free Seedlings, Fencing & Baits in 2015*

Do you have any remnant vegetation that you want to protect or extend?

Do you want to connect any fragmented native vegetation in your landscape?

Do you want assistance for fencing of the vegetation and baiting for foxes and rabbits?

Landholders in the WA Wheatbelt now have the opportunity to expand native habitats on their properties through a coordinated revegetation, fencing and pest control project. Native seedlings, fencing and baits will be offered to eligible landholders wishing to protect and restore existing vegetation, create wildlife corridors to connect fragmented remnants and control invasive pest animals and weeds in these ecologically important areas.

Please click here to download the Expression of Interest form.

This project is supported by the Shires of Quairading, York, Beverley, Cunderdin, Tammin, Bruce Rock, Kellerberrin, Merredin, Koorda, Trayning, Nungarin, Westonia and Yilgarn through funding from the Australian Government.

Biodiversity Fund

Land Managers across the WA Wheatbelt will be provided with opportunities to expand native habitats on their properties through coordinated revegetation and biodiverse plantings of local provenance species. Fragmented native vegetation remnants will be connected by the creation of corridors through public and private land creating healthy and resilient ecosystems, essential in our changing climate.

Existing high-value vegetation will be protected and enhanced through the provision of fencing which will contribute to building and securing natural carbon stores. The threat and spread of invasive weeds and pest animals will be reduced through these newly connected landscapes through weed management and a regional pest animal control program.

Participating Shires:

Shires of Beverley, Cunderdin, Quairading, Tammin, York, Nungarin, Trayning, Kellerberrin, Bruce Rock, Yilgarn, Westonia, Mt Marshall, Koorda, Merredin.

Contact Project Manager Dylan Copeland  for more information.

Participating Shires