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Land Conservation District Committee

The Quairading Land Conservation District Committee members are appointed by the Commissioner of Soil and Land Conservation under the Soil and Land Conservation Act 1945. The Quairading LCDC is a group of farming, community, catchment group, Industry and Shire Council representatives that share a common interest in landcare, the environment and sustainable agriculture and communities.

Our Vision

'Community awareness and action that creates an attractive environment providing a sustainable, profitable and healthy lifestyle.'

Our Goals

Our goals in priority order are:

  1. To develop an economically and environmentally sustainable community.
  2. To involve the whole community in Landcare activities.
  3. To educate and increase awareness in the community.
  4. To source funding for the Quairading community to use on Landcare projects.

Background and History

The Quairading Land Conservation District Committee (LCDC), incorporates 7 catchment groups, WA Channel Management Group and the Quairading Community Nature Reserve. LCDC was formed in 1982 over concerns for the sustainability of agricultural land. Quairading is 201,531 ha in size, has a rainfall average of 300mm per annum. Salinity and erosion are major concerns for the farming community and have been focal issues for the group since it started. Approximately 61% of land in the Quairading Shire is affected by salinity.

Catchment Groups

The following Catchment groups are represented on the Quairading LCDC:

  • South Yoting Catchment Group
  • Wamenusking-Coraling Catchment Group
  • South Mortlock Catchment Group
  • Lemonade Valley Catchment Group
  • Morbinning Catchment Group
  • Conallan Creek Catchment Group
  • Hommajelly Catchment Group

Quairading LCDC Strategic Plan 2011 - 2015 Available Now! Click Here