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Native Vegetation Clearing Legislation

Changes to the Native Vegetation Clearing

The State Government is reducing red tape for farmers and land managers by making changes to native vegetation clearing rules. 

1. The total area allowed per financial year per property for prescribed limited clearing* has been increased from 1 ha to 5 ha.

2. The time for landowners to maintain previously lawfully cleared areas for pasture, cultivation or forestry, without a clearing permit, has doubled from 10 to 20 years.

Prescribed limited clearing means clearing to construct a building, clearing for firewood, clearing to provide fencing and farm materials, clearing for woodwork, clearing along a fenceline, clearing for vehicular tracks, clearing for walking tracks and clearing isolated trees.

SEAVROC Native Vegetation Clearing Guidelines

These Guidelines are designed to assist landholders in the SEAVROC Shires understand native vegetation clearing legislation in Western Australia and the process for clearing applications. If you need help with an application, are unsure about whether your clearing activity is exempt from the regulations or have any general enquiries please contact our Environmental Officer, Jen Green on (08)9645 1607.

To view / download the Clearing Guidelines and Fact Sheet in PDF format please click the links below.

The Department of Environment Regulation has up to date guidelines and fact sheets on clearing of native vegetation legislation in Western Australia. Please visit their website to download these.

Department of Environment Regulation contact details
Contact: Dylan Copeland
Position: Environment Officer
Mobile: 0447 898 995

Department of Environment Regulation (DER) Native Vegetation Branch

DER Native Vegetation Branch contact details
Phone: (08) 6467 5020