Toy Library

President: Jess Richards - 0439 973 911

Secretary: Amy Wilson - 0422 101 402

Treasurer: Jaime Garrett - 041 991 470


Quairading Toy Library has a treasure trove of toys and paraphernalia catering primarily for 0-5 year olds but also with a few treasures for our big kids. Being a part of a toy library is a fantastic opportunity to use a huge range of toys without having to purchase them and store them or to enable you to try before you buy.

The toy library operates by paying a small membership fee of $40 per year which allows its members to borrow toys on a fortnightly basis throughout the whole year. Currently we don’t have a roster but operate on a serve yourself basis on our operating days, which have just changed to 9am every second Monday. Our only expectation of members is that they clean their own toys on return and once a year participate in a stock take, maintenance and clean of the toys.

Feel free to phone an office bearer to check dates. There is also a Facebook page for members.

We would like to invite you to come down and meet our committee and have a look at some of the wonderful big and small toys that we have on offer.


Toy Library 2