Published: Friday, 1 March 2019 at 9:29:00 AM




The Shire of Quairading is pleased to offer incorporated associations operating within the area the opportunity to apply for funding and support from Council.  These grants are designed to promote community development outcomes for clubs and organisations of the Quairading district.

There are four categories of grants under which to apply for support:

Grant 1 - up to $500 per annum

This is a quick turnaround grant that is approved by the CEO for in-kind contributions up to the value of $500 per annum.  Grant 1 applications can be made at any time of the year.  In-kind contributions can be for the costs associated with hiring shire facilities such as:

  • Hall or other venue hire;
  • Trestle tables, chairs and other equipment hire
  • Depot workers labour charge; or
  • Anything else for which there is normally a charge in the Annual Budget Fees & Charges schedule.

Click here for Grant One Guidlines and Application Form

Grant 2 – Minor Projects $500 to $2500

This is for slightly larger events or projects between the values of $500 -  $2,500 cash or in-kind support up. Grant 2 applications are open in two rounds – Round One closes on 31st March and Round 2 on 30th September.  Organisations can apply one per round (max. of two applications per year).

Click here for Grant Two Guidelines and Application Form

Grant 3 – Major Projects over $2500

This grant is offered once per year and is for amounts over $2500 in value.  It is Council’s policy that they fund up to one third of total project costs with the other two thirds coming from the organisation or an external funding body.

Click here for Grant Three Guidelines and Application Form

Grant 4 – Annual / Recurrent Funding

This grant is designed for organisations who operate or maintain clubrooms within the Shire.  Funding is extended to groups to maintain or improve their facilities.  For example, grant funding may go towards general repairs or maintenance, utilities charges or upgrading equipment.

Click here for Grant Four Guidelines and Application Form


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