Published: Wednesday, 13 February 2019 at 8:25:08 AM


Between Badjaling Road and Sandplain Road

19   - 27 February 2019

Description of Works:

Pavement Repairs - Foam Bitumen Stabilisation and Cement  Stabilisation to existing pavement. Work will be conducted in both lane directions.

Traffic Management:

Half Road Closure during working hours (6am - 6pm) and road open to 2-way traffic outside these hours.  Stop Slow in place during  work hours. Delays up to 15min to be expected at times.

Oversize Vehicles:

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to be provided to for oversize vehicles.

If no prior arrangements are made, the road will be closed to vehicles over 4m at the wheels.

Oversize vehicles must contact the worksite on approach to allow time to accommodate the width of any load, traffic controllers can be contacted on UHF CH40. Oversize Pilot escorts should contact the traffic controllers on this channel.

Enquiries to:

Main Roads WA

Tel: (08) 9622 8745

Contractor - WA Stabilising

Tel: (08) 92584488

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