Vintage Club

It’s all about camaraderie and assembling or restoring old stuff down at the Vintage Club. 

Cars, trucks, tractors, motors – you name it – they fix it!

Vintage Club members meet for coffee and a chat most mornings about 9.00 am.  A monthly meeting is held on the second Saturday of the month.

All welcome!

The Vintage Club are currently the custodians of Lil Louie built in 1989 by apprentices at what was then Farmpower. The build took 5000 hours and moulds were brought out from Ford in the USA to get the shape right with the total cost of the project being $150 000.  It was built for the inaugural Grains Expo held in Quairading in 1989 and is still available for hire for local shows and events.  The towns of Merredin and Southern Cross are expecting Lil Louie sometime soon.

President - Alan Cole - 9045 4230

Vice President - Roger Davies - 9641 6020

Secretary - Neil Marrett – 9645 0831

Treasurer – Kevin Sales – 9645 1110

Lil Louie & friends