Environmental Health

Environmental Health

Council’s Environmental Health Officer can assist you with information and advice relating to the following areas, please contact Council’s Officer on 08 9645 2400:

Effluent disposal

Food Safety Training

Food standards

Noise complaints

Health and environmental initiatives

Water quality analysis

Smoking in public places

Septic tanks

Effluent Disposal

Please contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer for further information.

Food Safety Training

The Shire of Quairading takes Food Hygiene very seriously. All Food Business have an obligations and the Shire of Quairading is helping to Assist these business by providing free online Food Safety Training.

To access this free training please visit: www.quairading.imalert.com.au

Food Standards

  • Food premises inspections.
  • Food sampling for bacterial and chemical analysis – both random and Health Department of Western Australia food monitoring programs.
  • Investigations of food complaints.
  • Investigations of food-borne illnesses – after receiving confirmed notifications from a Medical practitioner.
  • Food recalls after contamination or deterioration of food products.
  • Food labelling compliance.
  • Approving new premises to current health standards and legislation.
  • Regulating and approving food stalls for one-off or temporary functions.

Noise Complaints

Council’s Environmental Health Officer is authorised to enforce the Noise Legislation. Action can be taken through the Manager of Health and Building Services if you are experiencing noise, which is causing unreasonable disturbance. The first step is to approach the person making the noise and discuss a possible resolution. If this is unsuccessful, a written complaint is required by the Environmental Health Officer who will then investigate the matter further.

Water Quality Analysis

Please speak to Council’s Environmental Health Officer should you require any information relating to water quality analysis.

Smoking in Public Places

Council’s Manager of Health and Building Services can provide information and assistance in regards to smoking in public places.

Septic Tanks

As most of the Shire still relies on septic tank and leach drain apparatus for the disposal of household effluent, it is important that all new installations are approved by Council.

Please request a Septic Tank Application from Council’s Administration Office.

There is a variety of apparatus now approved for use within Western Australia by the Health Department of Western Australia. Information and details of different systems and what is best suited for Quairading can be obtained from Council’s Environmental Health Officer.

Main Sewerage

Much of the Quairading Townsite is now serviced by the Sewerage Scheme operated by the Water Corporation.

Any queries in regard to this service should be directed to the Water Corporation on 13 13 75.

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