Wildflower season in the Wheatbelt is usually June-October. Quairading is one of the few areas in the world few areas in the world that has the Banksia Cuneata (Matchstick Banksia) and the Hakea Aculeata (Proteaceae). You’ll also see Wandoo, York and Salmon Gum forests unique to the Central Wheatbelt in the Nookaminnie Rock Nature Reserve.

During wildflower season, watch out for the displays of everlastings (aka paper daisies), the many varieties of orchids as well acacia varieties, native pea plants and native trigger plants. They’re especially prolific in the Nookaminnie Rock Nature Reserve.

The Quairading area is well known for the existence of Banksia Cuneata, commonly referred to as Matchstick Banksia or Quairading Banksia. The Banksia Cuneata is an endangered species of flowering plant in the Proteaceae family. The current logo of the Shire of Quairading depicts the Banksia Cuneata flower.

For state-wide information on Wildflower hotspots the WA Visitor Centre has an online tracking of location of wildflower sites https://www.wavisitorcentre.com.au/promotions/wildflowers

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