Election of Councillors is held every two (2) years in October and the Ordinary Term of the Office is four (4) years. Council’s elections are conducted by the Returning Officer, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Shire.

Do I Need To Vote?
While voting for Local Government Elections is not compulsory the Shire of Quairading encourages all eligible Electors to take part.

Who Can Vote?
Residents who are on the Federal/State Roll for a property within the Shire of Quairading electorate are automatically enrolled for a Council election.

All other land owners registered on the Federal/State roll but who reside out of the Quairading Shire need to register by completing an enrolment eligibility application form (Form 2).

If you are not a land owner in Quairading, but reside in the Shire and are not registered on the Federal/State Roll you will need to complete an application to register a nominee for co owners or co-occupiers form (Form 2B).

If your property is registered in a company name and you need to register a nominee for that company, please contact the Administration Office for more details.

WA Electoral Commission
The WA Electoral Commission (WAEC) is responsible for the conduct in Western Australia of:
• State Elections & Referenda
• Local Government Postal Elections & Referenda
• Industrial and Other Elections & Referenda

The Western Australian Electoral Commission also maintains the Electoral Roll for use in State and Local Government Elections.

Further information inclusive of forms and publications are available at the Western Australian Electoral Commission website and information and FAQ’s on the Department of Local Government and Communities website.

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