Rowlie Mellor Walk Trails

Rowlie Mellor Walk Trails

The walk trails in the Nookaminnie Rock Nature Reserve were recently re-named, dedicated to the memory of Rowlie Mellor, a passionate supporter of Quairading and the Nature Reserve. He was an integral part of developing the Reserve to make it accessible to everyone to experience including the construction of the walk trails. Rowlie volunteered his time and knowledge to hold walking tours in the Reserve every week in Spring and as such had a wealth of knowledge of the Reserve and its flora and fauna.

Follow the trail to the top of Nookaminnie Rock for spectacular views of the nature reserve and surrounding district.

Follow the trail and signs for a relaxing walk along Nookaminnie Creek.

You will traverse through the beautiful Quairading Nature Reserve which showcases a magnificent display of vibrant wildflowers as well as unique remnant vegetation.

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Looking after our Reserve:

  • Everything you bring into the reserve you must bring out.
  • Please put your rubbish into the bin provided.
  • Please look after the flora and fauna by NOT touching it.
  • Keep to the marked trail and don’t stray too far off the track.
  • You can walk the trails in either direction.

Fancy some ornithology? A variety of birds inhabit the Reserve including the Chestnut-rumped Thornbill, Eastern Barn Owl, Grey Butcherbird, Golden Whistler, Red-capped Robin, just to name a few. Constructed in 2017, the Bird Hide was funded through the State NRM Program and with help from the ‘Friends of Nookaminnie Rock Nature Reserve’.

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