Toapin Weir

Toapin Weir

A picturesque area with great views, an interesting history along with electric BBQ and toilet facilities for your convenience.

Toapin Weir, the largest and most comprehensive privately constructed reservoir and water scheme in Western Australia, entered the State heritage register in 2012 – its centenary year. Toapin Weir, built around a natural granite rock outcrop, is unique because of its scale and construction by a private landowner. Innovative private landowner Jonah Parker appointed experienced engineer T. C. Hodgson to design Toapin Weir to provide water to service his farm and the local town of Dangin, as well as provide water to the railway.

In 1935, WA received 125,000 pounds sterling for its country water schemes as part of the national program of works for unemployment relief. As part of this program, Toapin Weir received funding to raise the Weir wall, which extended the water scheme. This extension increased the storage capacity to 22.7 million litres, which allowed water to be pumped to the town and district of Quairading.

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