Nookaminnie Rock Nature Reserve

Nookaminnie Rock Nature Reserve

The Reserve covers 527 hectares of unique remnant vegetation that includes a diverse mixture of woodland forests and native shrubland. The open woodland areas of the Reserve have outstanding examples of wandoo, york and salmon gum forests that are unique to the Central Wheatbelt.

The heart of the Reserve is dominated by Nookaminnie Rock, which is a large granite outcrop with magnificent views of the surrounding landscape and the town of Quairading. The top of Nookaminnie Rock offers a perfect platform to watch the Wheatbelt’s breathtaking sunsets and in spring you can enjoy some of the most beautiful wildflowers the Wheatbelt has to offer.

Follow the Rowlie Mellor Walk Trails to see what our Reserve has to offer!

For more information on the Reserve and the walk trails including maps, visit

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