The Vintage Club

The Vintage Club

It’s all about camaraderie and assembling or restoring old stuff down at the Vintage Club.

Cars, trucks, tractors, motors – you name it – they fix it!

Vintage Club members meet for coffee and a chat most mornings about 9.00 am. A monthly meeting is held on the second Saturday of the month.

All welcome!

The Vintage Club

The Vintage Club are currently the custodians of Lil Louie. Lil Louie was built in 1989, with design and coordination by Chris Laycock and authorisation from Ford Trucks in the USA to be built as a Ford LTL 9000. Chris took approx. 400 hours to build the plug for the cab out of wood which was then made into moulds. All the painting and assembly was carried out at Farmpower, a local machinery dealership, by Chris along with some Farmpower staff and local townspeople. The estimated cost of time and materials for this fantastic project was $250 000.

It was built for the inaugural Grains Expo held in Quairading in 1989 and is still available for hire for local shows and events.

President – Peter Smith – 0427 817 707
Vice President – Roger Davies – 9641 6020
Secretary – Neil Marrett – 9645 0831
Treasurer – Kevin Sales – 9645 1110

The Quairading Vintage Club was originally formed in the 1980s by a group of farmers and locals from the district. The collection started with tractors, engines and machinery donated by a local mechanic, and by various farmers within the district. The Vintage Club has a fully equipped workshop which is used to restore the exhibits. The Vintage Club is situated behind our Railway Station on Parker Street. The club displays a great range of vintage working farm machinery, stationary engines and motor vehicles. The club is generally open from 10am every morning Monday to Saturday.

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