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The Quairading Community Gym is a community initiative that, with support from local council and funding from Lotterywest, the Shire of Quairading, CBH and Emerald Grain, was opened in November 2015.

The Quairading Community Gym (owned by the Shire of Quairading) is a not for profit venture with a focus on fitness for all. Housed in a shared, indoor facility the gym is open at times that suit the needs of the Quairading community.

Making use of the Cultural Arts Centre adjoining the Quairading CRC, we have found a temporary venue for a community gym with a view for a permanent, separate facility into the future.

The Quairading Community Gym is managed by a Gym Committee and the Quairading CRC assist the committee in managing memberships and member queries during their office hours of 9.00am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Please contact the CRC on 9645 0096 or email for more details.

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