Public Art

Public Art

The Shire of Quairading has many pockets of Public Art from artists including Charlie Colbung, Luke O’Donohoe and 90 Degrees. Call into the Quairading Community Resource Centre to find out where to view.

The Gathering – Charlie Colbung

Location – Quairading Town Hall

The Shire of Quairading was successful in securing a $15,000 Australia Day Community Grant from The National Australia Day Council to deliver our 2024 Australia Day Luncheon and Citizen of The Year and Community Achievement Awards

As part of this grant funding, Council commissioned local artist Charlie Colbung to design and paint a mural on the exterior of the Town Hall titled ‘The Gathering’

This collaboration showcases an artistic activity that reflects and respects the history of local Indigenous people and celebrates their culture.

The painting is symbolic of the Town Hall being a meeting place for all our community, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, for many different occasions.

Different elements of the painting represent different aspects of our community and surrounding land, such as water, wheat, flora, and fauna.

Casting its watchful eye over the painting, the majestic eagle is a powerful symbol representing the Indigenous connection to land, water, and skies.

The variety of birds depicted, reflect the diversity in our community.

While they’re each different, they can live harmoniously on the land and waters of the Balladong nation.

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