Rabbit-proof Fence

Rabbit-proof Fence

The Rabbit Proof Fence is the longest fence in the world! Two re-created examples of the fence and rabbit traps are located south of Quairading on the Corrigin Road.

There are three fences in Western Australia: the original No. 1 Fence crosses the state from north to south, No. 2 Fence is smaller and further west, and No. 3 Fence is smaller still and runs east–west. The fences took six years to build.

When completed in 1907, the rabbit-proof fences (including all three) stretched 3,237kms (2,023 miles) The cost to build the fences at the time was about £167 per mile ($250/km) which totals just over $80 thousand dollars.

Quairading202140 min Rabbit-proof Fence 1
Quairading202134 min Rabbit-proof Fence 3

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