Reconciliation Action Plan Committee

Reconciliation Action Plan Committee

Since 2006, Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) have enabled organisations to sustainably and strategically take meaningful action to advance reconciliation.

Based around the core pillars of relationships, respect and opportunities, RAPs provide tangible and substantive benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, increasing economic equity and supporting First Nations self-determination.

Our vision for reconciliation

The Shire of Quairading’s Vision for Reconciliation is to create an inclusive community with strong relationships across cultures, based on mutual respect and understanding. Our actions will contribute to the goal of closing the gap between First Peoples of Australia peoples, other Nationalities and other Australians so that all people can be valued and participate in the Quairading community.

Our business

The Shire of Quairading is located in the Wheatbelt region, 168 kilometres east of Perth. The area is made up of mixed farming and the town is largely a service provider to the agriculture industry and the local community. The Shire of Quairading is a regional Western Australian Local Government with an Area of approximately 2000 square kilometres with a population of an estimated 1,050 including an estimated 150 First Peoples of Australia.

The Shire of Quairading’s core business is the delivery of a wide range of services to Quairading residents and visitors including law, order and community safety, environmental health, community amenity services such as waste collection and recycling, community venues, recreation, cultural and community development services, youth services, roads and footpaths, engineering and capital works development, libraries, parks and gardens, and Building and Public Health Control. Council has developed a Strategic Community Plan and a Corporate Business Plan to assist Council to maximise the utilisation of these Services and Infrastructure to achieve specific social, economic and environmental goals and outcomes.


This is the second iteration of the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for the Shire of Quairading and the Quairading Community following the adoption of in 2017.The Reconciliation Action Plan is seen as a dynamic document reviewed regularly to reflect the changing environment.

The purpose of our RAP is to turn good intentions into measurable actions that support and benefit Noongar people in all aspects of life.

The Shire of Quairading’s RAP has been developed in consultation with the RAP Committee, is an initiative of the Shire and the Community as a whole including both Noongar and other Australians, and is made up of representatives1 of the local Noongar Community, Community Representatives, Shire Councillors and Staff. In addition, consultations have been held with the public and specific groups. Input from these consultations has informed the Committee in the evolution of the RAP Document.

We recognise that reconciliation is an ongoing process and want our RAP to be a document that can realistically deliver actions and outcomes. The Shire of Quairading has a genuine intent to work together with residents of our diverse community and make a real difference.

The Quairading Reconciliation Action Plan Committee meets every two months at the Quairading Community Resource Centre. For more information, please contact Cynthia Yarran

View the Quairading Reconciliation Action Plan 2021-2023 here:

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