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Quairading is home to many active, inclusive and highly valued organisations.

From Rotary Club and CWA, to the Land Conservation District Committee, St John Ambulance and numerous church groups - you’re sure to find a place where you can lend a helping hand, or receive a helping hand!

See the list below for information and contact details for each local organisation.

Aboriginal Progress Association

Aboriginal Progress Association Information
Address Coraling Street

Anglican Church, St Faiths

Anglican Church, St Faiths Information
Address Harris Street
Postal Addres PO Box 193 Quairading WA 6383
Archdeacon Peter Bourne - 0421704429
2 Saturdays/month
Wardens Dorothy Hayes - 9645 1620
David White - 9645 0170
Anglican Church Guild Mary Stacey

Badjaling Wanderers

Badjaling Wanderers Information
Phone (08) 9645 0310

Catholic Church, St Francis Xavier

Catholic Church, St Francis Xavier Information
Address McLennan Street
Council President Paul O’Hare
Guild President Leonie Boyle

Salvatorian Fathers from Bruce Rock.

Mass Times: 1st Sunday 8am, 2nd Saturday 6pm, 3rd Sunday 10am, 4th Sat 6pm.

Community Nature Reserve

Community Nature Reserve Information
Contact Rowlie Mellor – 9645 1439


CWA Information
Address 10 Parker Street
President Rosemary Mills
Address PO Box 169 Quairading WA 6383


Purpose: We aim to improve the conditions for women and children and make life better for families, especially those living in rural and remote Australia.

Dangin Masonic Lodge No 110

Dangin Masonic Lodge No 110 Information
Secretary Graeme Bowen – 0429 090 896
Address 15 Cubbine Road Quairading WA 6383 (Cnr Murphy St & Cubbine Rd)

Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and Tyling is at 7.30 pm.

Dangin Progress Assoc.

Dangin Progress Assoc. Information
President Vincent Hadlow
Address PO Box 31 Quairading WA 6383

Hospital Ladies Auxiliary

Hospital Ladies Auxiliary Information
President Joy Arbusti
Secretary Maggie Hadlow
Treasurer Phyllis Brown
Address Address: PO Box 129 Quairading WA 6383
Meetings As required
Membership $5 annually – all welcome


  • To raise funds to meet the incidental needs of the hospital
  • To operate and arrange volunteer drivers for the Community car
  • To run the Op Shop

Justices of the Peace

Justices of the Peace Information
Mr D J Brown (08) 9645 1245
Mrs E M Hall (08) 9645 1213
Mrs D M Stacey (08) 9645 1095
Mrs S F Stacey (08) 9645 1348

Land Conservation District Committee

Land Conservation District Committee Information
President Eugene Stone
Secretary/Treasurer Rowlie Mellor
Address 115 McLennan Street Quairading WA 6383

Purpose: To promote community awareness and action that creates an attractive environment providing a sustainable, profitable and healthy lifestyle.

Pantapin Progress Assoc.

Pantapin Progress Assoc. Information
President Olive Caporn
Treasurer Pam Caporn
Address PO Box 32 Quairading WA 6383

To maintain the Pantapin Hall and make available for hire.

Rainmakers Inc.

Rainmakers Inc. Information
President Cam Fraser
Secretary Shae Johnston
Treasurer Tarns Fraser
Address PO Box 108 Quairading WA 6383

Various local projects and events for the benefit of Quairading.

Membership: $5.00.

Rotary Club

Rotary Club Information

Pauline Wray

Meetings Weekly dinner meetings on Mondays at Ambulance Hall


RSL Information
President Jervis Campbell
Secretary/Treasurer Eugene Stone
Address PO Box 117 Quairading WA 6383
Meetings As required

Purpose: to co-ordinate RSL functions locally - ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day.

St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance Information
Acting Chairperson / President Janet Hall - 9646 6204
Secretary Laura Haythornthwaite - 0459 369 937
Treasurer Pam Canova - 9645 0662
Address PO Box 24 Quairading WA 6383
Meetings Monthly 2nd Thursday 7pm at Ambulance Hall
Trainings 1 & last Thursday of every month
Membership May be paid at Quairading Book Post

Tourist & Tidy Town Committee

Tourist & Tidy Town Committee Information
President Ivy Osborne
Secretary Phyllis Brown
Treasurer Becky Wilson
Address PO Box 141 Quairading WA 6383

Uniting Church

Uniting Church Information
Address Coraling Street
Phone (08) 9645 1028
Phone (08) 9645 0081 - Arthur West
Services 10.30am Sundays

Uniting Church Ladies Guild

Uniting Church Ladies Guild Information
Secretary Beryl Stacey
Address PO Box 22 Quairading WA 6383

Volunteer Fire Brigade

Volunteer Fire Brigade Information
Captain Adam Duncan
Secretary/Treasurer Tracey Patton
Lieutenant Kathy Wilton
Address PO Box 92 Quairading WA 6383
Meetings Monthly 2nd Wednesday
Training As required
Membership New members welcome at any time