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Shire Admin Centre Opening Hours

Office Hours: 9.00am to 4.30pm

Phone Hours: 8.30am to 5.00pm

Receipting closes at 4.30pm

Shire After Hours Contact

For all after hours contact (including emergencies) please telephone (08) 9645 2400. Your call will be diverted to a Staff Member / Message Bank. Please do not telephone individual staff members.

Council History

The first local government body to be responsible for the present Shire’s area was the Beverley Road District in 1892.This was followed by the Greenhills Road District in 1909, Avon Road District 1913, Quairading Road Board 1922 and then finally the Quairading Shire Council was formed in 1960.

Quairading has had nine Shire Presidents in the time since 1960 and also nine Shire Clerks now referred to as Chief Executive Officers.

The story behind the Shire of Quairading logo...


Banksia cuneata - The fact that Quairading has its own banksia species is a compelling reason to use it as the new symbol for the Shire.  A blossoming flower suggests growth and a sense of thriving - it also directly references the nature reserves which locals are so proud of and which visitors need to know  more about. The design concept uses the capital ‘Q’ of Quairading in the form of a magnifying glass to bring this unique and beautiful wildflower into focus.

Quairading is a place which reveals its treasures to those who make the effort to scratch the surface. The Shire has plenty of interesting attractions, but they are not necessarily obvious to visitors who quickly pass through the area. 

The tag line “Take a closer look” is a call to action to visitors and locals alike.