To provide the services, upgrades and maintenance to Council and Community facilities Council needs to rate properties.

The Valuer Generals Office provides valuations every 5 years on properties located in the townsite (GRV) of Quairading and every year on properties located other than the townsite (UV), which when totalled are used as the basis of Council determining the Rate in the Dollar to raise the required Rate Revenue. Council uses both the Gross Rental Value and Unimproved Value for its rating purposes.

The following methods can be used to pay your rates:

  • In Person - 10 Jennaberring Road, Quairading between 09:00am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Cash, Cheque, Debit Card, Visa and MasterCard accepted. Please note that Council does not accept Diners Card or American Express.
  • By Mail - Shire of Quairading, P0 Box 38, QUAIRADING WA 6383.
  • Online with the use of the BPAY Code referred to on the bottom of rate notice


Please contact Council's Rates Officer on (08) 9645 2400 or rates@quairading.wa.gov.au if you have any queries in regard to your Rates.

Rate Instalments

Council gives ratepayers the opportunity to either pay one payment or to pay the rates off by four (4) instalments.

Please note that electing to pay Rates by instalments incurs an Administration Fee and Interest Expense.

Alternative Rates Payment arrangements can be made by firstly making written application to the Chief Executive Officer or contacting Council’s Administration Officer for initial advice.

Objection To Valuations

Ratepayers may object to the valuation of a property within 60 days of date of issue of the rates notice. To object to a valuation you must lodge an objection in writing to the Valuer General's Office. Forms for this are available from the Council's Administration Office.

Pensioner Cards

Pensioner Concession Card (PCC); or State Concession Card (SCC); or State Seniors Card (SSC) together with a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC), or Seniors Card Only.

To claim a rebate the rates must be paid by 30 June. Please note that all other charges, eg Rubbish Charge, must be paid by the due date of the rate notice. Pensioners already registered need not reapply.

Please contact either Council Staff or the Water Corporation to discuss your eligibility to receive a rebate.

Emergency Services Levy

The Emergency Services Levy is a compulsory State charge for all category 5 properties, being UV rated farmland. All category 4 properties (in Townsites) are assessed on a sliding scale based on GRV total. For all enquiries on the Emergency Services Levy please phone 1300 136 099.