Firebreak and Bushfire Hazard Reduction

Firebreaks are there to reduce the spread of a low intensity fire and to provide safe access on your property for firefighters, so must be maintained and kept clear of all obstacles and flammable materials.

Firefighters need to be able to use the firebreak on days of strong winds or extreme conditions. It is generally accepted that a 3m firebreak will be unlikely to stop a wildfire, however it assists firefighters. The more fire prevention work you undertake, the greater the chance of your family and property surviving a fire.

Such firebreaks may be constructed by one or more of the following methods:

  • Ploughing
  • Cultivating
  • Scarifying
  • Raking
  • Burning
  • Chemical spraying
  • Or other approved method

Land owners and residents  in the Quairading Shire District are required to ensure their property meets the Shire’s Firebreak Requirements on or before the 31st October and thereafter maintained until 31st March annually to reduce the risk of fire in the community.

Land Area of less than 2024m2

All hazardous material is to be removed from the whole of the land except living trees, shrubs and plants. The remaining vegetation is to be maintained to a height of no greater than 7.5cm.

Land Area greater than 2024m2

Bare earth Firebreaks of not less than three (3) metres in width must be constructed along and within twenty (20) metres of all external boundaries of the property owned or occupied by you.  If any portion of the land adjoins a public road or railway line, a firebreak must also be constructed along that boundary.

Maintain fuel loadings in natural bush areas at less than 8 tonnes per hectare across the land.

Land Area greater than 400 hectares

Property in excess of 400 hectares shall have bare earth firebreaks positioned as necessary to divide land into areas not exceeding 400 hectares each completely surrounded by a firebreak.

Example of an acceptable firebreak:-

Acceptable Firebreak Example

Alternative Action

If it is considered impracticable for any reason whatsoever to implement any of the requirements of this Notice you may apply in writing to the Shire of Quairading by no later than the 15th of October each  year for permission to implement alternative measures. If permission is not granted, you must comply with the requirements of this notice.

Non Compliance

The Penalty for failing to comply with this Notice is a fine not exceeding $5,000 or a prescribed penalty of $250 on service of an infringement.  

Furthermore the person at fault is liable whether prosecuted or not to pay the costs of performing the work directed by this Notice.