Permits to burn are only available during the Restricted Burning Times.

Be aware that you must be able to fulfill the following conditions before a permit will be issued to you:

  • Provide sufficient running water and/or a fire fighting unit to the area that is to be burnt
  • Ensure there are adequate fire breaks surrounding the area to be burnt
  • Provide enough people to attend the fire (usually a minimum of three) from lighting the fire until it is totally extinguished and cold.
  • Notify your neighbours/adjoining landowners prior to lighting the fire
  • Notify the Shire of Quairading prior to lighting the fire, during business hours
  • Burning is not permitted on Sundays and public holidays

Fire Control Officers are not obliged to issue permits and they may advise on alternatives to burning. Please remember Fire Control Officers are volunteers and their availability to issue permits may vary, assist them by planning in advance. 

All burning permits are to be obtained from your local Fire Control Officer before you intend to burn.

*Note: Permits are only available to primary producers/agricultural land owners.

Please exercise caution when burning at any time of the year.

Please note that both Restricted and Prohibited Burning Periods can be varied by the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer.

Please contact the Shire Office to confirm if any amendments to the Burning Period dates have been made due to seasonal conditions.

A Permit is invalid if the forecast Fire Danger Rating (FDR) for the day is Very High, Severe, Extreme or Catastrophic.

The Shire of Quairading is in the Bureau of Meteorology Avon district. To check the FDR, please click on the link below:


Contact Numbers (Not to be used to Report a Fire)

Fire Control Officer Numbers
Chief Bush Fire Control Officer - Nigel Gelmi 0409 118 238
Chief Executive Officer - Nicole Gibbs 0429 451 001, (08) 9645 2400
Community Emergency Services Manager - Benjamin Davies 0448 008 653
Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officers
John Smart 0427 417 063, (08) 9641 7064

Bush Fire Control Officers (By Locality)

Bush Fire Control Officers (By Locality) Contact details
Nicole Gibbs (08) 9645 2400
Benjamin Davies 0448 008 653
North west of townsite
John Smart 0427 417 063
Mathew Whyte 0429 466 295
Neil Fraser 0427 451 029
Mitchell Davies 0428 592 986
South West of Townsite
Craig Anderson 0428 754 218
Linden Johnston 0428 263 883
North East of Townsite
Stuart Hadlow 0429 858 821, (08) 9645 1471
Ben Wilson 0437 452 001, (08) 9645 1835
Adam Duncan 0428 331 700
South East of Townsite
Peter Groves (08) 9645 5204, 0484 627 566
Greg Hughes 0428 457 002
Nigel Gelmi 0409 118 238