Volunteer bushfire brigades

Volunteer Bushfire Brigades are an integral part of delivering emergency service activities within the Shire of Quairading.  It's a great way to meet other community members, develop new skills and knowledge while building resilience within our community. Volunteer Firefighters learn to operate a wide variety if equipment, vehicles and appliances used in fire suppression operations. 

The Shire of Quairading strongly supports the membership of both male and female volunteers representing a wide variety of ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  

If you would like to to give something back to your community and are considering volunteering with one of the Volunteer Bushfire Brigades please complete the Join our Brigade contact form.

If you are already a member of one of the Bushfire Brigades please complete the Update Details contact form to ensure your current details are up to date with the Shire.



Bush Fire Brigades

Bush fire brigades contact information
Balkuling / Doodenanning Bush Fire Brigade
Roger Davies (08) 9641 6020, 0429 416 020
Janet Dicker 0407 442 359
South CAROLING Bush Fire Brigade
Chad Mills 0427 426 053
Matt Richards 0427 527 226
Quairading CENTRAL Bush Fire Brigade
Adam Duncan 0428 331 700
Kathy Wilton 0428 350 646
North Quairading Bush Fire Brigade
Stuart Hadlow 0429 858 821, (08) 9645 1471
Ben Wilson 0437 452 001, (08) 9645 1835
WAMENUSKING Bush Fire Brigade
Mervyn Caporn 0438 958 790
Grant Mills 0429 701 747