Works, Parks & Gardens

Any queries or concerns regarding Shire works should be directed in the first instance to the Shire Office on 08 9645 2400.

The Shire outside staff consists of the Manager of Works and Services, a Construction Team, Town Gardeners and Waste Recycling Facility Staff. Council officers can assist you with:

  • Road maintenance (potholes etc)
  • Footpath maintenance
  • Parks/Reserves (maintenance)
  • Street trees maintenance
  • Road verge maintenance
  • Requests for private works
  • Trees across roads - except Main Road (York – Merredin Road)
  • Drainage
  • Bridge damage
  • Crossovers - except Main Roads
  • Storm damage
  • Waste and Recycling

Service Requests

Community Members are able to submit Works Requests / Reports / Complaints regarding Council controlled or managed Roads, Footpaths, Reserves and Buildings.

Requests can be submitted by email, written, telephoned and in person over the Shire Office Front Counter.

All Requests / Reports are recorded into Council’s Reporting System and promptly dispatched to the appropriate Officers for Assessment and Attention.

Council advises that due to its limited Resources, all Requests must be Prioritised with matters of Public Safety taking Highest Priority and Action.

Works of a lower Priority will be undertaken when Council’s Staffing Resources allow and to enable Council’s extensive Works Construction Program to be progressed on Schedule.

Whenever possible, acknowledgement and / or feedback on the Report will be provided, however this cannot always be guaranteed.

Council appreciates that the Community are its “Eyes and Ears” and welcomes any Report or Feedback on Facilities and Services.

To report road damage / fallen trees on the York – Merredin Road please contact the Term Network Contractor on 13 81 38.

Private Works

Subject to Council’s Works Programming and Resources, Private Works Requests may be considered.

Council recommends use of Local and Regional Contractors to undertake Private Works.

Parks and Gardens

Quairading has a range of small Parks and Gardens situated throughout the Townsite. A Memorial Rose Garden is situated next to the Shire Hall, with a gazebo and public toilets nearby, to sit and rest. A playground, for the children to play on, can be found next to the Swimming Pool, on McLennan Street. BBQ facilities and seating are also situated at this spot, to allow the whole family to come and enjoy.

Council and the Quairading Community are proud of the fine display of roses along the Main Street throughout the year.

A Tourist Layby Facility is situated East of the BP Roadhouse on the York – Merredin Road.

An RV Dump Point is located behind the Ablution Facility.

RAV (Restricted Access Vehicles) Network

Please find a link below to the Main Roads WA RAV Mapping.