Banksia Bulletin Content Deadline

Wednesday 28th June 2023
(Multiple Dates Between Wednesday 28th June 2023 & Wednesday 22nd November 2023)

The Banksia Bulletin is the monthly publication produced by the Quairading CRC. The Banksia Bulletin is printed in black and white on A4 size paper. The cover is printed in full colour and is reserved local photos and community articles (no commercial advertising).

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The Banksia Bulletin is printed and distributed on the last Thursday of each month, with the deadline being 12pm on the Tuesday just two days prior.
February Edition: Tuesday 25th January, 12pm
March Edition: Tuesday 22nd February, 12pm
April Edition: Tuesday 29th March, 12pm
May Edition: Tuesday 26th April, 12pm
June Edition: Tuesday 24th May, 12pm
July Edition: Tuesday 28th June, 12pm
August Edition: Tuesday 26th July, 12pm
September Edition: Tuesday 23rd August, 12pm
October Edition: Tuesday 27th September, 12pm
November Edition: Tuesday 25th October, 12pm
December Edition: Tuesday 22nd November, 12pm

Event Details

Time: Banksia Bulletin Content Deadlines 2023

Venue: Quairading CRC

Cost: See website

Category: General

Type: General

Audience: All Ages


Contact: Jillian Hayes

Organisation: Quairading CRC

Position: Banksia Bulletin Editor

Phone: 0896450960



Event Date(s)

  • Wednesday 28th June 2023
  • Wednesday 26th July 2023
  • Wednesday 23rd August 2023
  • Wednesday 27th September 2023
  • Wednesday 25th October 2023
  • Wednesday 22nd November 2023

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