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Fire Control & Prevention

Fire Control & Prevention Contacts
Contact Shire Office
Phone (08) 9645 2400
Fax (08) 9645 1126

Bush Fire Emergency

To report a bush fire, please telephone 000 and please remain on the line until call answered and all details of the fire are taken.

Burning Permits

All burning permits are to be obtained from your local Fire Control Officer or the Shire Office before you intend to burn.

*Note: Permits are only available to primary producers/agricultural land owners.

Restricted Burning Period commences on 16th October. A permit is required to undertake any burning.

Prohibited Burning Period to commence on 1st November and subject to seasonal conditions concludes on 28th February.

Restricted Burning Period recommences on 28th February/1st March until 29th March. A permit is required to undertake any burning.

Unrestricted Burning Period commences on the 30th March and continues through until 15th October.

Please exercise caution when burning at any time of the year.

Please note that both Restricted and Prohibited Burning Periods can be varied by the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer.

Please contact the Shire Office to confirm if any amendments to the Burning Period dates have been made due to seasonal conditions.

A Permit is invalid if the forecast Fire Danger Rating (FDR) for the day is Very High, Severe, Extreme or Catastrophic.

The Shire of Quairading is in the Bureau of Meteorology Avon district. To check the FDR, please click on the link below:

Contact Numbers (Not to be used to Report a Fire)

Fire Control Officer Numbers
Chief Bush Fire Control Officer - Nigel Gelmi 0409 118 238
Chief Executive Officer - Nicole Gibbs 0429 451 001, (08) 9645 2400
Community Emergency Services Manager - Simon Bell 0448 008 653
Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officers
John Smart 0427 417 063, (08) 9641 7064

Bush Fire Control Officers (By Locality)

Bush Fire Control Officers (By Locality) Contact details
Nicole Gibbs (08) 9645 2400
Simon Bell 0448 008 653
North west of townsite
John Smart 0427 417 063
Mathew Whyte 0429 466 295
Neil Fraser 0427 451 029
Mitchell Davies 0428 592 986
South West of Townsite
Craig Anderson 0428 754 218
Linden Johnston 0428 263 883
North East of Townsite
Stuart Hadlow 0429 858 821, (08) 9645 1471
Ben Wilson 0437 452 001, (08) 9645 1835
Adam Duncan 0428 331 700
South East of Townsite
Peter Groves (08) 9645 5204, 0484 627 566
Greg Hughes 0428 457 002
Nigel Gelmi 0409 118 238

Bush Fire Brigades

Bush fire brigades contact information
Balkuling / Doodenanning Bush Fire Brigade
Roger Davies (08) 9641 6020, 0429 416 020
Janet Dicker 0407 442 359
South CAROLING Bush Fire Brigade
Chad Mills 0427 426 053
Matt Richards 0427 527 226
Quairading CENTRAL Bush Fire Brigade
Adam Duncan 0428 331 700
Kathy Wilton 0428 350 646
North Quairading Bush Fire Brigade
Stuart Hadlow 0429 858 821, (08) 9645 1471
Ben Wilson 0437 452 001, (08) 9645 1835
WAMENUSKING Bush Fire Brigade
Mervyn Caporn 0438 958 790
Grant Mills 0429 701 747


Firebreaks must be installed and maintained on all land from the 31st October to the 31st March each year as per the Shire of Quairading Firebreak Notice, published annually.

Total Fire Ban

A Total Fire Ban is declared by the Minister for Emergency Services on advice from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).

When a Total Fire Ban is declared it prohibits the lighting of any fires in the open air and any other activities that may start a fire.

The ban includes all open fires for the purpose of cooking or camping. It also includes incinerators, welding, grinding, soldering or gas cutting. Exemptions are allowed for domestic purposes with conditions applied.

Total Fire Ban information will be broadcast on ABC radio, is available from the DFES information line: 1300 657 209 or the website

Note that Harvesting is an Exempt Industry and therefore can be conducted on a total Fire Ban Day. Harvest Bans are administered by the Council staff in consultation with the Fire Weather Monitors, the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer and Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officers and is subject to local weather Conditions and Forecasts.

Harvest Bans

Seasonal conditions and prevailing weather may necessitate a "Harvest Ban" being imposed.

Landholders and Lessees are able to subscribe to a free of charge SMS service providing latest Harvest Ban and Fire Emergency information. Please register your name and mobile telephone number at the Shire Office on (08) 9645 2400 or email

To ascertain whether a Harvest Ban is in place, please call the Harvest Ban Hotline Message on (08) 9645 0017.

In addition, please listen to regular radio broadcasts on regional radio stations to receive the latest information.

Council advises that should a landholder have concerns with the prevailing weather conditions, they are recommended to cease harvesting operation and vacate the crop paddock, whether there is a Harvest Ban in place or not.

Harvest Ban SMS Service

To receive direct information on these Bans via SMS simply register your number with the Shire.

Harvest Ban Registration Information
Phone 9645 2400