Australia Day 2024

Australia Day 2024

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We welcomed over 200 people to the Quairading Town Hall to celebrate Australia Day on January 26, 2024. The event was sponsored generously by the National Australia Day Council.


Each year, as part of our Australia Day celebration, the Shire of Quairading celebrates the achievements of outstanding members of our community. These individuals demonstrate extraordinary service every day within our community so often invisible to most of us.

The event concluded with the presentation of eight Community Achievement Awards and the prestigious Citizen of the Year Award.


We also officially launched an exciting collaborative project with Charlie Colbung, a talented Noongar Artist, who revealed his spectacular mural ‘The Gathering’ at the entrance to the Quairading Town Hall. Read more about the mural here.


The Shire received four very strong nominations for the 2024 Citizen of the Year Award including Tom and Letty Mills, Jill Hayes, Tarnya Fraser and George Jason. As part of the Shire’s Citizen of the Year Selection Criteria Policy, at the discretion of the selection panel, a nominee may be a couple or pair working together on a joint initiative.

Tom and Letty Mills (Winner) have been nominated in recognition of over 10 years of active service as volunteers with the Quairading Tourism & Tidy Towns committee, development and implementation of numerous local historical projects and initiatives, ongoing maintenance to the Quairading Railway Museum, design, manufacture and implementation of the Stacey Train Lamb Wagon Gazebo, together with active involvement in numerous community organizations and sporting clubs.

Jill Hayes has been recognized for her active citizenship and inspiration for young and old people alike within the Quairading community, going above and beyond in her role as a community service provider. Jill is an advocate for change in the community voicing her opinion on many community issues to make positive change, enabling our community to be stronger thanks to her tireless work. Your incredible assistance to all sectors of the community is so valuable and makes Quairading a great place to live and work.

Tarnya Fraser has been an active member of the Quairading community from the moment she made it home. Tarnya has been nominated for her active citizenship and recognition of the importance of local tourism and improving our town’s amenity. Through her continuous planning and implementation of numerous community projects and initiatives including the Jordan Sprigg ‘El Toro’ sculpture, successful and inclusive community events such as the Annual Community Christmas Party, together with her extensive leadership knowledge in conjunction her positions with the Coop Board, CBH and own businesses, Tarnya has been an invaluable member of the Quairading community.

George Jason has been recognized for many years of quietly helping and supporting people and organisations within our community. George is often heard saying people and community matter. George says we need to look after our elderly, underprivileged and ensure our community groups survive. You would have often seen George around town donating his time with his small fleet of equipment helping numerous residents. How lucky we are to have such a caring person in our community, making a significant difference to the people of our town and whose contribution builds the fabric of Quairading.


Gene Stone – In recognition of his distinguished and ongoing commitment to the RSL. His determination has seen our annual Anzac Day and Remembrance Day services continue to be conducted locally. Our memorial precinct has had many additions during his tenure, which provides our town with an outstanding legacy where we can all pay our respect.

George Jason – In recognition of many years of quietly helping and supporting people and organisations within our community.

Lachlan Dann – In recognition of being a first-responder to Kerry and Terry Croker’s house fire. His bravery and courage are highly commended.

Melanie Grage – In recognition of outstanding efforts achieved in Australia Rules Football in 2023. Congratulations on being selected in the State Schoolgirls AFL 15 Years and Under Team and for being accepted into the AFL program at SEDA college.

Sandra Bracher – In recognition of her annual Christmas lights display. You put a smile on every child’s face every Christmas and we thank you for displaying such community spirit each year.

Quairading Curtain Raisers – in recognition of 30 years since the first formal musical – Calamity Jane.

Quairading Community Resource Centre Staff and Committee – For going above and beyond in your role as community service providers. They provide incredible assistance to all sectors of the community which makes Quairading a great place to live and work.

Quairading Tourist and Tidy Towns Committee – In recognition of 40 years of beautifying our town. Their dedicated service to our residents and visitors is to be commended.

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