Welcome To The Shire Of Quairading

Quairading is less than two hours from Perth on the York-Merredin Road, and is serviced by major bitumen roads.

Quairading offers a variety of cultural, sporting and social activities at minimal cost.

Quairading was first recognised as an agricultural area in the early 1860's and developed as a rural centre for the ever expanding wheat and sheep industry.

Quairading is a farming community with a population of approximately 1,200, producing cereal and grain crops, wool, sheep, cattle and Rural Service Industries.

The district includes the localities of Quairading, Pantapin, Yoting, Badjaling, Dangin, South Caroling, Balkuling, Doodenanning & Wamenusking.

Shire Of Quairading

SHIRE AFTER HOURS CONTACT: For all after hours contact (including emergencies), please telephone 9645 1001. Your call will be diverted to a Staff Member / Message bank. Please do not telephone individual staff members.




The Quairading Shire Council is pleased to announce the re-launch of their Bi-Monthly Newsletter. Please click here to view.



Council hereby provides Public Notice that Council adopted its Corporate Business Plan for the Period 2013/2014 to 2017/2018 at the Ordinary Council Meeting held on the 26th June 2014.

Council is required to review the Plan Annually.

Copies of the Business Plan can be obtained at the Shire Administration Centre or by clicking here


Chief Executive Officer

Shire of Quairading


New Ranger Service

The Shire of Quairading has recently engaged the services of WA Contract Ranger Services Pty Ltd, Principal Mr Matt Sharpe, has previously been Council’s Ranger when employed by the Shire of York. The Ranger is authorised to exercise and discharge the following powers and functions.

  • The issue of infringement notices, orders, requestions and carry out legal proceedings under the following Acts and Regulations.
  • Local Govt Act 1995, Local Govt (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1960, Dog Act 1976, Cat Act 2011, Litter Act 1979, Bushfires Act 1954, Control Of Vehicles (Off Road Areas) Act 1978, Caravan and Camping Grounds Act 1995, Animal Welfare Act 2002 and Council’s Local Laws and Policies.

The Ranger has commenced Regular Patrols in the District and also commenced Door to Door Compliance Checks for the Dog Act 1976 and the Cat Act 2011. These checks will be performed to ensure every dog and cat is registered and microchipped, and every owner adheres to the relevant legislation.

Please note that infringements may be issued if your dogs and cats are not registered and microchipped. This includes all dogs and cats either in the townsite or in rural areas.

WA Contract Ranger Services Pty Ltd can assist pet owners with microchipping their pets by offering an In Home Service at a rate of $55 per animal. Discounts apply for multiple pets and pension discounts are also available. Alternatively, please contact the Visiting Veterinarian on 9622 1000 for an Appointment.

Ranger Matt Sharpe can be contacted on 0459 678 154 for the booking of microchipping and general enquiries relating to the above legislation, however all Complaints need to be directed in the first instance through the Shire Office.



Chief Executive Officer