Welcome To The Shire Of Quairading

Quairading is less than two hours from Perth on the York-Merredin Road, and is serviced by major bitumen roads.

Quairading offers a variety of cultural, sporting and social activities at minimal cost.

Quairading was first recognised as an agricultural area in the early 1860's and developed as a rural centre for the ever expanding wheat and sheep industry.

Quairading is a farming community with a population of approximately 1,200, producing cereal and grain crops, wool, sheep, cattle and Rural Service Industries.

The district includes the localities of Quairading, Pantapin, Yoting, Badjaling, Dangin, South Caroling, Balkuling, Doodenanning & Wamenusking.

Shire Of Quairading

SHIRE AFTER HOURS CONTACT: For all after hours contact (including emergencies), please telephone 9645 1001. Your call will be diverted to a Staff Member / Message bank. Please do not telephone individual staff members.



Shire of Quairading currently has two positions available, Town Assistant Gardener and Practice Nurse.

Please see Positions Vacant section for further details.  



The Shire of Cunderdin has this morning, 11th February 2015, inspected the Cunderdin – Quairading Road and resolved that the road be closed to Heavy Vehicular traffic (other than local traffic) commencing immediately.

 The reason for the aforementioned action is severe structural damage to the road surface and sub-surface from continual heavy movements over the past week during periods of extreme weather conditions. This has resulted in a number of pavement failures, including pavement side movements and deep rutting. Council believes this damage is an extreme safety hazard for other vehicular traffic on the road which includes school bus and many light vehicles.

 Should you wish to discuss and / or seek clarification of this please contact the Shire of Cunderdin on the numbers below.


 Ph: 9635 2700

Fax: 9635 1464

Mob: 0458 351 008







The Quairading Shire Council is pleased to announce the re-launch of their Bi-Monthly Newsletter. Please click here to view.