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The Passion Sheet

Thursday 20th July 2017

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Quairading's community newsletter 'The Passion Sheet' is produced every Thursday (except during Banksia Bulletin week) by the Quairading CRC.

The deadline for contributions is 10.00am Thursday and the newsletter is available after 3pm from the Quairading CRC, Quairading Farmers Co-op and BP Roadhouse. The Passion Sheet is also emailed to Quairading CRC members and posted online.

For inclusions or information email -

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 Latest Council Newsletter 

June 2017

See the Document Centre for previous editions.


The Quairading Shire Newsletter is produced once every two months. It is available via email and online. Some hard copies are available at the Shire Office, Post Office and Quairading CRC.

Please contact Shire of Quairading on
9645 2400 or email if you would like your email address added to the list.


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Latest School Newsletter

Tuesday 18th July 2017

See the Document Centre for previous editions. 


The Quairading DHS Newsletter is produced by the school administration staff with contributions from students, staff and community members.

It is produced  on a Tuesday in Weeks 1, 4 and 7 of each term.  Most newsletters are emailed to parents but if parents are unable to have access to a computer a hardcopy is given to their child. They are also available from School Admin and Quairading Farmers Co-op.

Banksia Bulletin

The Banksia Bulletin is a publication produced once a month by the Quairading Community Resource Centre. The Banksia Bulletin can be subscribed to for just $45 per year (including postage) for 11 issues or is available for purchase for $2 from the Quairading CRC, the Quairading Farmers Co-op, BP Roadhouse and Quairading Book Post.

For deadlines and guidelines contact the Quairading CRC on (08) 9645 0096 or email